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what is securus?

If you have been thinking about a change and in hopes of finding an insurance organization that offers a complete sales system, comprehensive training programs, a tremendously robust lead platform, the industry's most effective compensation program
and an all-encompassing building and recruiting system to assist you in developing your very own need not look any further.  

Securus has spent 20 years creating, perfecting and field testing the tools necessary to succeed in the insurance industry. We offer insurance licensing courses and materials so you and your new team members can acquire life insurance licenses, we offer complete turnkey sales training systems as your road map to success, all of the supplies and materials necessary for a new or seasoned sales professional, a "Promote Yourself" compensation structure and soooo much more. And did we mention lots and lots of leads?

Meet our president

Securus offers a very unique opportunity for the agency builder. Securus has invested in customized and proprietary talent-attraction technology. Regularly, Securus hosts Opportunity Meetings in major cities across the nation in an effort to educate potential team members about the business opportunity. Come find out how you can participate and host your very own Securus meeting! Are you interested in building an agency? Are you confident in your ability to lead a team? Are you interested in learning how to build?

Contact Securus now. We want to work with you and for you! Opportunities are available for both Agents and Agencies. If you are currently an Insurance Professional or if you are interested in exploring a new career path, Securus has a tremendous opportunity to discuss with you.


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  • " Hey Tommy - not sure if this qualifies for a success story for the web - feel free to use or not use:
    The Baltimore Conference was a life-changing experience for me and my organization. In addition to motivation permeation - the pure skillset innundation WORKS!!! The "little" things - the professional nuances - the technical aspects of the job, once mastered, make all the difference. By simply following the invaluable advice of Matt, Brian, Tim, Fred, Avi and so many others - there is a proven method of success.
    After arriving back home from the conference 1:00 a.m. Monday morning, I wrote 5 apps, have an appointment Friday for another app - have a pending annuity, three personal referrals from a client, as well as an entire Ladies' Church Group strongly considering me as a guest speaker - having already made this a strong week. Now it's all about my having an adequate number leads on a weekly basis to maximize my efforts - I increased my weekly order by 50% today and will continue to increase my AD&D efforts, which should also consistently bolster my weekly leads. 
    Lastly, this job is all about replication - it's my responsibility to train, support and motivate my group for our results to become exponential. I am so proud of my team and know that they will take full advantage of the Securus System! See all ya all in Orlando!!! - Ronnie. "

    - Ron L. Team Synergy

  • " After returning from the convention this past weekend I wanted to put something that I learned into action immediately.
    I was very impressed with the training conducted by Tim Winders and Fred Everett on the sales process. When I saw that Tim starts at $200 and walks his clients down to an affordable number I was very impressed.

    I have been writing 10-15 apps per week but my premiums are always very low. In the first 2 1/2 days in the field this week using Tim's system I was able to write 14 applications totaling in $10,400 AP, 3 of the applications were over $100 per month and one was $225.24 per month, this is something I would not have done without attending that training session in Baltimore.

    I also wanted to put Robert Trejo & Matt Goldberg's training to use with asking for the retirement money and acquiring referrals. I collected over 20 referrals and completed one Family needs Analysis form and will be writing a $35,000 annuity also because of the training we received at the convention.

    Matt thank you for putting together such a sharp group of professionals to help us grow our business. "

    - Michael H. "A" Team


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